LINKS for teachers and students

1. or
Dedicated to making teaching and learning an exciting, rewarding adventure.
Innovative teaching materials for teachers. Resources for students. Smart advice for parents.
Target audience: Elementary through High School.

2. Facing the Future - also see
Target audience: Middle through High School (and beyond!)
Educate young people about complex global issues and promote critical thinking.
Dynamic curriculum resources and community action opportunities.

3. Science NetLinks
Providing a wealth of resources, Science NetLinks is your guide to meaningful standards-based Internet experiences for students.
Target audience: K-12 Science Educators

4. Media Awareness Network
Tools to help young people to understand how the media work, how the media may affect their lifestyle. Reference materials for use by adults and youth alike in examining media issues from a variety of perspectives.
Target Audience: Youth through Adults

Inspiring kids to end hunger and poverty in their communities, their country, and their world. Teachers’ Guide. Newsletter. Website.
Target Audience: Middle and High School

Fabulous resource/material catalogue for all earth/environmental sciences.
Target Audience: All ages

Highly recommended! Go to the bottom of home page for extensive links to resources, lesson plans, state geography alliances…you name it. David Smith is also the author of the children’s book, IF THE WORLD WERE A VILLAGE.
Target Audience: All ages

Parents and teachers can guide the inquiring minds of children with critical questions and studies about people whose courage and vision have made a difference.
Posters - lesson plans - resource materials - toys - books
Target Audience: K- 12 (most likely best for Middle through High School)

Knowledge is power. Empower the people. An extensive web site with resources and links to social issues - Tools For Personal Growth, Social Change, and Ecology.
Target Audience: High School and beyond.

Interactive site - wide range of learning units - math through social science Videos/dvd’s - Curriculum In a Box - CD - ROMs - Workbooks - & More!
Target Audience: Middle School

Educators - Find all the tools and products you need to do your job right. Parents - Check out the ways you can help your child succeed. Students - Find all the homework helpers you need to help with school. Wide range of tools, resources, and curriculums.
Target Audience: Teachers/Educators/Parents

Search 100,000+ top educational sites, lessons and more! Shop at the Education Planet Store!
Target Audience: K through Higher Education

Learning new ideas as part of a big picture. Resources for big learners. Promote big learning as a valid way for kids to learn (See treasure troves, links, & their newsletter.
Target Audience: All Ages - Educators & Parents

Population Connection is the national grassroots population organization that educates young people and advocates progressive action to stabilize world population at a level that can be sustained by Earth's resources. Lesson Plans - Links - Resources & Much more!
Target Audience: K through High School

Share2Learn is dedicated to facilitating contact between and among people on all learning paths, recognizing that we are all connected through our ideas and experiences. Resources - Curriculum - Ideas - Education.
Target Audience: Life-Long Learners, All Ages

At the heart of Science NetLinks are standards-based lesson plans that incorporate reviewed Internet resources. Extensive Lesson Plan Index Target Audience: K through High School

Experience ‘The World Peace Village Intergenerational Event’ - the tool to spotlight peace and tolerance - learn through experience. Visual Tour - Calendar of Events - Resources - The Peace Lab
Target Audience: All Ages

The Teaching and Learning of Geography: The Grand Adventure. Striving to achieve a balance between day-to-day and innovative materials. Canadian Site. Resources - Curriculum Guides - Teaching Strategies - Field Trip Ideas
Target Audience: Elementary & Secondary Level Teachers of Geography

Using Cartograms to Learn about Latin American Demographics
Fully developed Lesson plans written by teachers. All levels.

Other Historical Estimates of World Population

Media Literacy. Promote and support the integration of media literacy and critical thinking into classroom curricula at all grade levels and instructional areas, as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of media literacy education in the schools! Just insert the word "MAP" where you read "media Message"!!